New Placements and the PMC

I've had some nice placements recently, including two 30 sec placements of "We Work" from the Klanglobby Jazz album on German sports programs, and two dramedy cues (with Marco Iannello) in "The Con" on NBC.
I also just noticed that I got a Jazz Hip-Hop placement (with Juliet Lyons) on a German TV Documentary series "Hartz und herzlich - Tag für Tag Benz-Baracken". I put that tune in the "Music" section of this site.

I just got back from the PMC (Production Music Association Convention) in Los Angeles, and got to meet with Juliet, Chris Raggatt and many more composers that I have collaborated with over the last few years.

I'm more convinced then ever that collaborating with others is "my thing".  The tunes I write with others always have that magical "surprise" element you get when you get two different sensibilities combining to make something unique.

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